Sustainability at TOPBRIGHT

The environment and the future of our children are very important to us at TOPBRIGHT. It is therefore essential for us to take care of our environment. For us, this also means supporting the development of children in the best possible way.

Our products are manufactured in our own factories and production facilities in China. With over 30 years of experience in the development and production of educationally valuable toys, we place great value on sustainability.

Therefore, we pay attention to sustainability and longevity in our materials. The wood used in our toys comes from sustainable forestry and is 100% FSC certified. The colours of our toys are water-based. The packaging of TOPBRIGHT collection and TOPBRIGHT milestones is also completely free of plastic. Unfortunately, the packaging of some products, such as our Science Can products, cannot do without plastic. To give you a guide, we show you how much plastic is contained in Science Can packagings. You can then decide for yourself whether it suits you.

We focus on longevity in our products. In addition to high pedagogical and aesthetic demands on our products, we also place great emphasis on their quality. That is why we use not only high-quality wood, but also high-quality plastic. Because the longer a toy can be played with, the fewer new resources are needed that have to be recycled. We have also set ourselves the goal of having our products made from recycled plastic by 2030.

Our products are subjected to strict controls before we sell them and meet European quality standards. For us, it is simply part of the process that all products are tested in recognised procedures.

We do not throw away returned items. After careful inspection and thorough cleaning, we resell them in our Super Sale or donate them to kindergartens / daycare centres.