At TOPBRIGHT, we are at your side to support children's development in the best possible way!

Children discover the world through play, learn new things every day and continue to develop. In doing so, they can show what they are capable of and find out what they are enthusiastic about and interested in.

We firmly believe that toys can be entertaining and teach children at the same time. That's why our TOPBRIGHT and SCIENCE CAN brands focus on high-quality educational toys that combine learning with fun. From educational toys to experiment kits, for younger and older kids - it is important to us that our toys support children in their development and awaken their hidden talents and interests. In this way, we accompany and encourage children through the stages of growing up.

When developing our products, we always make sure that they are tailored to the needs of children, parents and the market. Our passion for innovation is reflected in our products. Each of our products has been carefully developed.
We always make sure to offer a great deal of added value. Our products grow with the children and offer them exciting functions for different age groups. With the various features, children learn new skills through play and often
test themselves independently. In this way, our products also support parents.


"With our lovingly designed and advanced products, we aim to encourage the unlimited potential of every child."


"To support and encourage children in their small and large developmental steps; to foster each child's natural urge for discovery and creativity."


"The customer comes first, self-motivated and tested: a cooperative win-win situation".