Yummy Bear 123 Scale

Educational Toys - Learning by Playing

What exactly are educational toys and how do I find the toy that perfectly supports my child's development?

Educational toys - what exactly are they?

Children discover the world through play. Educational toys support the little ones in this process and they learn new things along the way while playing day after day.
Educational toys help children to develop through play and promote, for example, their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and agility. In addition, it is important that educational toys train even the youngest children in their creativity and imagination. Colorful toys with loving illustrations support children's imagination and perception.  During role play, children make up stories, which promotes communication skills and the linguistic development of the kids. Educational toys unleash children's potential in play and support their development.

Play fun for a healthy development

Learning through play wonderfully combines play fun with a learning effect. The youngest children learn to grasp, touch and feel through educational toys. In the process, they train their fine motor skills and recognize shapes and colors. Also mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction or multiplication, are trained with educational toys, this is especially valuable for elementary school children. Educational toys invite children to discover, explore and learn.

Finding the perfect educational toy

Supporting your own children in their development is very important. However, due to the large range of educational toys, it can be difficult to keep track and find exactly the right toy for your child. For this purpose, we have created a checklist with the most important points you should pay attention to when buying educational toys, so that your child can successfully learn through play.
  1. Observe and recognize: The most important thing is to observe your child and recognize what he or she is currently enjoying. For example, if your child is just starting to reach for things and look at them closely, you could look for toys with bright colors and toys specially designed for small children's hands. Educational toys broaden your little one's horizons and encourage their development.
  2. Best quality: In addition, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the educational toy. In the case of wooden toys, it is worth looking to see if the wood is FSC certified, thus protecting the environment. If the educational toy shines colorful, check if the colors are water-based and therefore harmless for your child.
  3. Endless fun: Educational toys should be durable. Wooden toys are therefore a good choice as they are sturdy and safe. In addition, toys that encourage learning through play should ideally be usable over several ages, so that your child has long-term fun playing and is continuously supported in his or hers development.
  4. Maximum play and developmental fun: When buying educational toys, you should also pay attention to the product description. Is the stated age similar to that of my child? This does not have to be the exact age, but you should still be sure that your child can play with it on their own without hesitation. Does it support my child's current development? Is the educational toy educationally valuable? Does the toy have certain developmental benefits? These are all questions you should ask yourself when buying educational toys for your little ones.

    The best toys with learning effect from TOP BRIGHT

    TOP BRIGHT has made it its mission to develop the diverse talents of children and support their natural urge to discover with educational toys. 

    Learning fun for the whole family

    The TOP BRIGHT Feed the Woodpecker toy for children 2 years and older is an educational toy that promotes the development of your little ones. Colorful worms hide in a sturdy tree trunk. Children slip into the role of the mother bird in the toy and catch the worms to feed the baby birds with them. As soon as children hold the mother bird close to the insects, they catch the little animals thanks to the magnet. The catching game develops your child's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and color recognition.

    Learning arithmetic through play

    With the fun educational toy Yummy Bear 123 Scale from TOP BRIGHT, learning to count and first math is child's play. The educational toy consists of a scale with a cute bear confectioner in the middle, colorful cupcakes and weights in the form of numbers. Children place the fine cupcakes in one of the two weighing bowls and balance the scale with the corresponding number. They can tell whether they have counted correctly by the fact that the scales are in balance, because the numbers weigh the same as the corresponding number of cupcakes. Free play encourages imagination and social interaction, and children learn their first numbers along the way. They also train their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.